Saturday, January 4, 2014

Flat Work Focus on Friday 1314

It was nice to take the guys out to the arena and not have them work on agility.  Elapsed time for training - 15 minutes.

We worked on following Mom.  Mom worked on keeping track of the boys.

Things I recognized that worked and others that need improvement.

Hold out the arm. This means that the treat is out there be it food or the toy. Keeps the dogs away from my feet. I am always worried about stepping on them since they are small. Work on running with arm out then work on varying the distance from me based on arm position.

Keep moving if I want to keep the dog moving. Going around the corner, the dogs were not taking the second jump because my feet weren't moving. Moms feet aren't moving we must be done. 

It was fun watching Henry's reaction to me not pointing any where and having to follow me.  When I finally pointed to the table or a jump he was relieved. Definitely, need more flat work.

Work on the warm up for me. AND the dogs. 

Do a trick to position the dog then start.

At the end connect with the dog. Then treat.

The best thing about this exercise was that when we were done. I let them loose in the arena. And they only wanted to follow me. They were not interested in chasing one another. So we walked around the obstacles and I directed them to one now and then.  It was funny that Gunner and Henry did the dog walk. When Gunner (in the lead)stopped at the end, Henry just nugged him over and ran through with Gunner staying there.

Need to work on chest pointers.

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