Saturday, September 28, 2013

We are both down with colds. It is amazing that we have been fairly healthy through this whole process. Managing a construction project and starting a business is a challenge. Has taught me a lot about planning and goals.

Things go by the way side when pursuing your goals. My house in town was never this messy. The dogs were bathed regularly.  Can't remember when they last had one.  We still survived.

Now on to the website. And blogging. Or should it be called documenting. Sharing? Not whining.

The one thing that I have sworn off this year is drama.  My anxiety level has gone when there is no drama.  I keep reminding myself of that.

So when we go to the Top Dog trial on Oct 20th. I will need to practice that. We have not been on a course since Feb 2011 when we splurged and went to a USDAA trial.  Even then with out training the boys and I did fine. Several Q's and first places.

Need to brush up on the trial rules for CPE. Back to planning. 

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